Bone Applé Tea (2022)

Services Provided:

UX/UI Design
ML/AI Integration
Front-end Web Development
Back-end Web Development

Bone Applé Tea hero mockup image

Bone Applé Tea is an exercise in parody, a minimalist web application simultaneously built to entertain and to explore cutting-edge web technologies.

Built to explore the intersection of ultra-modern frameworks like SvelteKit, Prisma, and edge functions with well-established tools like Node.js, Bone Applé Tea was developed with natural language processing from OpenAI and ChatGPT to generate automated parody recipe titles.

Though minimalistic in presentation, Bone Applé Tea is a full-stack web application, with CMS and API for managing terms and structures, and a custom-built syntax generator developed with OpenAI’s GPT-3 API.

I served as Designer and Developer for this project, desiring to learn more about the latest web technologies and to explore the intersection of AI and web development to incorporate in future B2B and SaaS projects.

To get a taste for yourself, visit boneappletea.recipes.

Bone Applé Tea demo animation 01. Interaction Demo

Bone Apple Tea code example 02. Code Example

User Research: Understanding the Target Audience

We conducted user research to determine the preferences and expectations of the target audience for a parody recipe web application. By analyzing user behavior on similar websites, conducting interviews, and performing market research, we identified key elements that would resonate with users. These insights informed our design and development choices, ensuring an engaging and entertaining final product.

Testing: Ensuring a Smooth User Experience

To guarantee a seamless user experience, we conducted comprehensive testing throughout the design and development process. This included usability, performance, and compatibility testing across various browsers and devices. Additionally, we performed AI-driven testing to ensure relevant, amusing, and grammatically correct parody recipe titles. Continuous iteration and refinement based on user feedback helped create an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Integrations: Exploring AI Possibilities in Web Development

I worked diligently to create an efficient, innovative solution combining cutting-edge web technologies with natural language processing. This collaboration allowed us to investigate AI’s potential in web development and provided valuable insights for future projects.

Design: Minimalism Meets Modern Aesthetics

Focusing on minimalism and modern design, I crafted an intuitive and visually appealing user interface for Bone Applé Tea. The design aimed to prominently display generated parody recipe titles, enabling users to quickly engage with the content. The clean, simple aesthetic was balanced with subtle animations and interactions, ensuring users found the experience delightful and entertaining.

Deployment: Scalable Hosting and Performance Monitoring

After finalizing the design and development, we deployed the full-stack web application to a scalable hosting environment, ensuring it could handle potential user influx. We also implemented monitoring and analytics tools to track user engagement and performance, allowing for data-driven improvements over time.

Results: Demonstrating AI Potential in Web Development

Bone Applé Tea has successfully showcased the possibilities of integrating AI-driven natural language processing with modern web development technologies. The application has been well-received for its entertaining content and minimalist design, providing valuable insights into AI’s potential in web development.

Experience it for yourself at boneappletea.recipes.