Elevate Austin (2022)

Services Provided:

Brand Design
Marketing Strategy
Digital Design
Print Design

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Elevate Austin: Rebranding a Non-Profit Volleyball League to Advance Their Mentorship Mission

Elevate Austin, a not-for-profit volleyball league, needed a fresh and comprehensive rebrand to advance their mission of providing high-quality mentorship to students in the Austin area. As part of our For the City Network incubator, we provided brand and digital design services, including a dynamic brand, digital interface guidelines, and design resources to engage effectively with donors and volunteers. As Lead Designer, I worked closely with stakeholders from the organization to develop a scalable, flexible, and memorable brand identity.

Elevate Austin deliverables 01. Logomark and color interactions

Elevate Austin deliverables 02. Brand Application

Elevate Austin deliverables 03. Brand Application

User Research: Understanding the Diverse Target Audience

We conducted comprehensive user research to create a brand identity that resonated with Elevate Austin’s diverse target audience, including students, parents, coaches, and volunteers. Through surveys, interviews, and focus groups, we gained valuable insights into the unique needs of each audience segment, which informed our design decisions and ensured the new brand identity would be well-received.

Testing: Iterating Based on Stakeholder Feedback

Throughout the rebranding process, we implemented iterative testing to validate our design choices and gather feedback from stakeholders. By conducting concept testing, prototype testing, and user acceptance testing, we refined the brand elements to create a brand identity that resonated with all stakeholders.

Cross-department Collaboration: Creating a Unified Brand Experience

As Lead Designer, I facilitated collaboration among various teams, including marketing, communications, and product departments, to ensure the new brand identity was consistently applied across all channels and effectively communicated the organization’s mission. This cross-department cooperation enabled us to create a unified brand experience and facilitated a smooth transition to the new brand identity.

Design: Developing a Modern and Dynamic Design Language

We developed a modern and dynamic design language that appealed to Elevate Austin’s diverse audience. With a strong wordmark using a custom typeface, juxtaposed letterforms, and a classic, friendly color palette, the brand system was designed to be flexible and adaptable across various physical and digital media, ensuring a consistent brand experience.

Deployment: Implementing the New Brand Identity

We collaborated with Elevate Austin to implement the rebrand across all channels, including updating their digital presence, printed materials, signage, and uniforms. We also provided training and support to the organization’s staff to ensure consistent implementation of the new brand identity and effective engagement with donors and volunteers.

Results: Advancing the Mission and Fostering a Strong Connection with the Target Audience

The comprehensive rebrand of Elevate Austin has successfully advanced their mission to provide high-quality mentorship to students in the Austin area. The new brand identity has been well-received by stakeholders, resulting in increased engagement and support for the organization. By focusing on user needs, cross-department collaboration, and a scalable design approach, we’ve delivered a rebrand that effectively communicates Elevate Austin’s mission and fosters a strong connection with their target audience.