Lumins (2020)

Services Provided:

Art Direction
Digital Design

Lumins hero image

LUMINS: Creating a Dynamic Visual Identity for a Debut Album with Capitol Records

LUMINS, an up-and-coming band, needed captivating and engaging album artwork for a series of single releases from their debut album with Capitol Records. The goal was to create a distinctive visual identity that would not only make the band stand out from the crowd but also reflect their unique sound and style.

As the Lead Designer for this project, I collaborated with the band members and the record label to develop a visual identity that showcased their artistic vision while demonstrating my skills in understanding the target audience, conducting research, and collaborating across departments.

User Research

To create album artwork that resonated with the band’s fanbase, it was crucial to understand the preferences and expectations of their target audience. I conducted extensive research, including surveys, interviews, and social media analyses, to gather insights into the fans’ preferences for visual design elements and the overall aesthetic. This research allowed me to create a design that effectively connected with the audience while staying true to the band’s artistic vision.

Collaboration with Clients and Cross-department Teams

Working closely with the band members, I ensured that their artistic direction was incorporated into the design, while also aligning with the marketing and promotional goals set by the record label. By facilitating collaboration between the band, the record label, and other stakeholders, I was able to create a cohesive product experience that effectively communicated the essence of the debut album.

Art Direction and Design

Drawing inspiration from neo-futuristic composites and a bold color palette, I developed a dynamic and engaging visual identity for LUMINS’ album artwork. The design captures the band’s energy and momentum while maintaining a sense of trustworthiness. I also considered various aspects of the product experience, such as how the artwork would be displayed across different platforms, from physical albums to digital streaming services.


The resulting album artwork for LUMINS’ debut album has been well-received by both the band and their audience, effectively establishing a dynamic visual identity for their catalog of releases.