The Austin Stone Digital UX (2023)

Services Provided:

UX/UI Design
Front-end Web Development
Brand Design

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Reimagining UX/UI Design for The Austin Stone: A Multi-Location Organization in Austin, TX

As Design Team Manager and Lead Designer, I successfully spearheaded a project to revamp the UX/UI design standards for The Austin Stone, a large multi-location organization. We aimed to create a cohesive, mobile-first, and accessible design language that aligned with the organization’s established Brand Standards we had previously built.

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01. Digital UX/UI Interactions

User Research: Empathizing with Users

My team and I conducted extensive user research, utilizing methods such as surveys, interviews, and contextual inquiries. By understanding the needs, preferences, and pain points of our target audience, we were able to make informed design decisions that resonated with the community.

Iterative Testing: Ensuring Optimal User Experience

To validate our design choices, we implemented iterative testing throughout the design process, including usability testing, A/B testing, and accessibility evaluations. By incorporating user feedback and making data-driven decisions, we refined the UX/UI design to deliver a truly satisfying user experience.

Cross-Department Collaboration: A Unified Effort

We collaborated closely with various stakeholders, including content creators, developers, and marketing specialists, to ensure a seamless transition of the new design language across all digital platforms. This cross-department cooperation allowed us to address potential issues early on and facilitated a smooth rollout of the new design standards.

Design: A Mobile-First Approach with Modern Aesthetics

With user research and collaboration in place, we developed a visually appealing and user-friendly design language that showcased the organization’s branding while maintaining a consistent UX/UI across all digital platforms. Our mobile-first approach ensured responsiveness and accessibility on various devices.

The Austin Stone Digital UX deck example 02. UX/UI Brand Colors

The Austin Stone Digital UX deck example 03. UX/UI Neutral Colors

The Austin Stone Digital UX deck example 04. UX/UI Color Combinations

The Austin Stone Digital UX deck example 05. UX/UI Typography

Deployment: Implementing the New Design Language

Working alongside the development team, we implemented the new UX/UI language across the organization’s digital presence, including updating the web application, CMS, and CRM integrations. We also provided training and support to various sub-organizations to help them adopt the new UX/UI standards and maintain brand consistency.

Results: Enhanced Engagement and Cohesive Brand Experience

The refreshed UX/UI design standards have been well-received by both internal and external users, resulting in increased engagement and a more cohesive brand experience across all digital platforms. Our focus on user needs, cross-department collaboration, and consistent design has laid a solid foundation for the organization’s future growth.

Explore the final product at austinstone.org.

Designed with Ruben Gonzalez for The Austin Stone