The Wait is Over (2020)

Services Provided:

Art Direction
Digital Design

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Austin Stone Worship: Crafting a Nostalgic and Modern Christmas Album Artwork for Capitol Records

Austin Stone Worship, in collaboration with Capitol Records, needed album artwork for their Christmas release that embodied the joy and hope of the season while evoking a sense of nostalgia and warmth. As the Lead Designer for this project, my objective was to create a visual identity that balanced both nostalgic and modern elements, effectively conveying the spirit of the holiday season and the band’s unique sound.

User Research

Understanding the target audience’s preferences and expectations for a Christmas album was crucial in creating artwork that resonated with the fans. I conducted extensive user research, including surveys, interviews, and analysis of user behavior on similar releases, to gather insights into what fans valued in Christmas album artwork. This research informed my design decisions and ensured that the final product effectively captured the emotions associated with the holiday season.

Client Collaboration

Working closely with Austin Stone Worship, I facilitated discussions to understand their vision for the album artwork and how it aligned with their overall branding and marketing goals. By collaborating with the client, I was able to develop an approach that incorporated their desired nostalgic and modern elements while maintaining a sense of long-anticipated arrival.

Art Direction and Design

With a deep understanding of the client’s vision and the target audience’s preferences, I developed a design that combined a vintage aesthetic with distinctly modern touches. The resulting artwork effectively captured the joy and hope of the Christmas season, while also reflecting the unique sound and style of Austin Stone Worship.

Adaptability and Product Experience

Considering various aspects of the product experience, such as how the artwork would be displayed across different platforms, from physical albums to digital streaming services, I ensured that the design was adaptable and consistent across all media.


The resulting album artwork for Austin Stone Worship’s Christmas release has been well-received by both the band and their fans, effectively capturing the spirit of the season and the band’s unique sound.

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