Words for Winter (2020)

Services Provided:

Art Direction
Print Design
Digital Design

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Words for Winter: Designing a Hardbound Collection of Meditative Poetry and Liturgies

Words for Winter is a hardbound collection of meditative poetry and liturgies, covering the seasons of Advent and Christmas, designed to evoke the style of a vintage book. The project’s goal was to create a resource for individuals and groups, providing a space for reflection and contemplation. As Lead Designer, I collaborated with writers, editors, a publisher, and a printer to develop a design that was elegant, functional, and conveyed a sense of warmth and nostalgia.

User Research

Understanding the target audience’s preferences and expectations for a book of this nature was essential for creating a design that resonated with them. I conducted user research through surveys, interviews, and focus groups to gain insights into their preferences for book design, typography, and illustrations. This research informed my design decisions and ensured that the final product effectively captured the emotions associated with the content and purpose of the book.

Cross-discipline Collaboration

A successful book design project requires close collaboration among various teams, such as writers, editors, publishers, and printers. As Lead Designer, I facilitated the collaboration efforts to ensure that the design effectively communicated the content and intent of the book while maintaining a consistent visual language throughout the project. This cross-discipline collaboration helped create a cohesive experience and ensured that the design met the needs of all stakeholders.

Art Direction and Design

With user research and cross-discipline collaboration in place, I developed an intricate Art-Nouveau-inspired gold foiled cover and a meticulously typeset interior. The design choices effectively conveyed the warmth, nostalgia, and elegance associated with the content and purpose of the book. In addition, the design considered the functional aspects of the book, such as readability and ease of use for both individual and group settings.

Words for Winter promo photography 01. Interior Design

Words for Winter promo photography 02. Interior Design

Adaptability and Product Experience

Designing for a printed book required a different set of considerations compared to digital applications, and adapting to various formats and media is crucial. I ensured that the design was visually appealing, functional, and consistent across the entire book, considering factors such as paper quality, binding, and printing techniques. We also chose design elements that could be scaled across social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, to promote the book.


The Words for Winter hardbound collection has been well-received by both the client and the target audience, effectively providing a space for reflection and contemplation during the Advent and Christmas seasons.

You can find the book for purchase via The Austin Stone Institute.